Specialist Mortgages

Easy Street have a wealth of experience helping clients with complex situations who may find it difficult to get a mortgage on the high street.

Whether you are a contractor on a daily rate, a limited company director or have another complex scenario, we can help. We combine years of experience with expert problem-solving skills and our network of industry contacts to help you get the mortgage you need and often find solutions where others can’t.

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Contractor Mortgages

For a majority of contractors it can be difficult to get a mortgage. If a lender looks to assess a contractor in the same way as a standard PAYE or self-employed client, there could be issues. If you are contractor who uses a limited company, umbrella company or acting as a sole trader with complex income, we can help.

Our experience in the sector, specialist knowledge and strong lender relationships will ensure that you get the contractor mortgage that you need.

SME Owner / LTD CO Director Mortgages

Small Business Owners can often find it difficult to arrange a mortgage. Strangely, in some cases they are treated as a higher risk than the people they employ. If you are a company director or a small business owner who needs a mortgage, but don’t fit the conventional mould then we can help.

Whether it’s one year’s accounts, a low salary versus high retained profits or fluctuating income, we have the specialist knowledge and strong lender relationships to get you the mortgage you need.

Specialist Buy to Let / Portfolio Landlord / Limited Company Buy to Let

Property investors have had to deal with many changes in the buy to let market recently. Even though property remains a sound investment, changes with regulation, rental calculations, legislation and tax have left some landlords not knowing where to turn. As a result, there have been a number of specialist buy to let solutions that have come to the market as the sector adjusts to a new normal.

Whether you are classed as a portfolio landlord, ex-pat, limited company, need help with an HMO, student let, have no minimum income or a rental income shortfall, we can help. We have the specialist buy to let knowledge and experience required to help you reduce costs, increase income, minimise risk and maximise returns.

Complex Mortgages

It’s ironic that some of the best borrowers find it difficult to arrange a mortgage. If you are in a strong financial position, but don’t fit the conventional mould that a lender looks for, you may be finding it difficult to get a mortgage.

At Easy Street, we have years of experience in dealing with a number of complex situations and specialist mortgages such as –

  • Complex income mortgages

  • Professional mortgages

  • Self-employed mortgages

  • Pensioner / Later Life mortgages

  • Failed / low credit score

  • Ex-pat mortgages

  • Foreign national mortgages

  • Non-standard properties

  • Properties with short leases

  • Any other specialist mortgages

Whatever your situation, if you find it hard to get a mortgage on the high street, you should speak to Easy Street.

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