Saying Goodbye to the Vanilla Days

It’s fair to say that the days of vanilla lending are becoming few and far between.  Go back 15 years and the word “sub prime” was a regular occurrence.  Since the crash in 2008 the surviving lenders backed away from this type of lending but over the last 18 months we are seeing more activity in this sector again.

Lower than average credit scores courtesy of pay day loans or a debt management plan and you can see why the consumer thinks that they couldn’t even get one foot on the ladder. More and more lenders are opening up their criteria to facilitate the needs these customers have and rightly so. 

Clients are now adapting to a lifestyle which suits their needs in the employment sector and whether this means venturing out on their own with their income being derived from salary and dividends or perhaps keeping the profits within their business.  Or maybe taking on roles involving fixed term contracts due to the industry they work in – lenders again are realising this is a secure means of earnings. 

Whether you are first time buyer or a next time mover – you may also still need the assistance of your family to aid the move and with the prospect of a joint borrower/sole proprietor mortgage; this can be easier than you think.

With all these varying factors to take into consideration, we work alongside lenders who can explore all of these avenues so whatever your circumstances are please do not hesitate to speak to us so call us on 0333 772 0672 or email us on with your enquiry.

 All initial consultations are at no cost with no obligation and we are always happy to help.