It’s in hand


More than four in ten (46%) people who have cancelled a lost bank card find them again, according to research from Nationwide.  The survey of over 2,000 people shows that each year 60 per cent of the nation loses items such as glasses, keys, their bank cards and mobile phones. More than half (58%) confess to having put these items in a ‘safe place’, only to forget where they are.
Nationwide data highlights that around 7,000 Nationwide members report their card lost or stolen each week. This can be an inconvenience as people have to wait for a replacement card to arrive in the post, making it harder to access their money until the new card arrives. There is also the added issue of having to update card details on multiple websites.  According to the poll, younger generations are most likely to misplace their banks card, with more than half (59%) of those aged 25-34 and 51 per cent of 35-44 year olds confessing. This compares to just over a third (34%) of those aged 65-plus., putting pay to the view that older people are more forgetful.
Regionally, people in the West Midlands misplace their card the most with those in the South West being the least likely to require a replacement. Nearly two thirds (64%) of people said they fear they have lost something every week. However, despite fears of becoming more forgetful as we get older, the figure decreased to two in five (41%) for those over 55. This is something many people can relate to, from losing glasses and finding them on the top of their head, to returning to a car park after a day out and about, only to have completely forgotten where the car is parked.
Around one in five (18%) admitted that lost items caused arguments in their relationship, although a similar amount (19%) owned up to being the most forgetful person they know. The survey highlighted that men are the most likely to lose items for good, with 31 per cent saying they had mislaid items that were never found again, compared with just 21 per cent of women. When it came to rediscovering lost items, almost half (49%) of women were likely to find things in a bag or coat, compared with just under a third (29%) of men. Surprisingly, 60 per cent said they’d looked for something already in their hand, with more women (71%) prepared to admit to this than men (48%).