Times they are a’changin

As the traditional 9-5 working day becomes less and less common, the times at which people want to go to the pub, grab a meal or work out at the gym are changing. A new report from Barclays shows that although over a quarter of hospitality and leisure businesses recognise this growing demand, opening hours are not keeping up with changes to modern working lives.

Since our leisure time has shifted, a quarter of workers would now like to go to a museum in the evening (between 6pm-11pm), over one in ten (13%) film fans would choose to go to the cinema in the small hours (11pm-5am), and almost one in five (19%) late-night diners would choose to get a takeaway after closing time (11pm-5am). The new Barclays Corporate Banking Hospitality and Leisure report, Open All Hours? finds that only a third (37%) of British workers now work traditional 9-5 hours, with over a fifth of British workers (22%) saying they need different opening hours. The report also finds that a similar number (19%) expect 24-hour hospitality services. By responding to this demand, restaurants (£2.2bn per annum), takeaways (£2.1bn), and pubs, bars and clubs (£1.2bn) could benefit the most.

As Britain becomes more health conscious, gyms and sports clubs have been quick to adapt, with almost one in five (18%) hospitality and leisure business leaders surveyed already changing their opening hours.
Takeaway services, on the other hand, have left nearly a third (32%) of workers hungry for more, having been unable to order a takeaway as the business was closed. While digital food delivery services have provided customers and restaurants with an easy to use platform for home delivery, almost a third (32%) have been unable to get a takeaway. This desire to order a takeaway at unusual hours is even higher among young workers (18-24 year olds), with (37%) keen for delivery between 11pm and 5am.